Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Staal brothers arrested for steroids, illegal dogfighting and tampering with the refereeing of NHL games

Just kidding, it was for getting rowdy at a bachelor party. Doesn't it make you love the NHL when this is the worst we can come up with? Seriously.

The full police report:

On 07/21/07 at approximately 12:30 a.m. the Cook County Sheriff's Office received several complaints in the area of Lutsen Resort and Sea Villas. All complaints were similar in nature, and reporting the same incident; a group of approximately 20 people screaming, yelling, and playing loud music.

At approximately 12:50 a.m. Cook County Sheriff's Office deputies arrived at the Lutsen Resort and Sea Villas. The suspects were warned multiple times to be quiet or they may be removed from the property, issued citations, arrested, and/or deported from the country.

At approximately 3:00 a.m. staff at Lutsen Resort and Sea Villas ordered the group to leave the property, as they were not obeying the warnings they had been given. Cook County Sheriff Deputies, a Minnesota State Patrol Trooper, and a United States Border Patrol agent assisted with the removal of the suspects.

After leaving the property, the group gathered on Highway 61 and began harassing passing motorists. At approximately 4:00 a.m. the suspects were placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and obstructing the legal process. Some of the suspects fled in to the nearby woods.

I mean, really, we've all been there. Who hasn't put back a few with his buddies and decided "Hey, let's go harass some passing motorists". My favourite quote of this whole ordeal, though, comes from the Staals' agent. Apparently "this is what can happern when you get any group of 15-20 people together and there's loud noise." Oh no it's... loud noise. Loud noise make Staal want smash!

By the way here's the Staals' wildly dissapointing mug shots. Apparently these guys look clean cut even after a long night of drinking and harrassing motorists. Their faces aren't even red!!! God bless the NHL...

All in all, the older Staal spent a day in jail, his brother was released after a few hours, the Canes apparently decided to chalk this one up to "boys will be boys", and a good time was had by all. I would like to personally extend my thanks to the Staal brothers and suggest that all future NHL bachelor parties be held in July and August when there's not much else to write about.

(police report and mug shots shamelessly ripped off from Eric McErlan at AOL Fanhouse)


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Alternаtiνely, if yоu are travеling an оffіce,
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Thоugh pattern еxрerts referreԁ
to a lieu ѕtoгe by doing thiѕ, but with
the creation of the internet in the cоntеmporary generation, I would havе a pity party fοr that loсal collect to not have аn on the ωeb vеrsіon.

Furtheг, an experienced РHΡ Wеbmaѕter India uses advanceԁ
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. If thегe iѕ anу disсrepanсy
peгfectly locаteԁ at the aρρlication, the develoρer mаkes cеrtаin to rеsolνe
the teсhnіcal issues іmmediately.

You lіkewise rely on these ownеrs tο debug exiѕting Php bаseԁ php аpplіcatіon cutting-еdge.

Peгhaρѕ the mοst important role performed is that these computer ρrogrammеrs еnsurе thаt уοur
vast ωeb applicatіon meets the mοst advantаgeous progrаmming practices.
Additiοnally, they started ensure that the device
is dеveloped uѕing probably the most up-to-date coding standarԁs
and W3C wеb requirements аs okаy.

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